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Bus Simulator Indonesia Detailed Info..

Know about Bus Simulator Indonesia :

Bus Simulator Indonesia game short name is BUSSID is so popular on India and Indonesia. This game develop by Maleo and they update this game regularly.

Also we can insert our own mod (modification) in this game such like Map Mods, Bus mods, Truck mods, Bike Mods, and Map mods also…

Bus simulator indonesia has High graphics and Low graphics options that allow Low end devices to play smoothly we can select which option is best for our device.

Bus Simulator Indonesia Features :

Bus simulator indonesia game has many deatures than other games has, also we can play and as Bus, Truck, Cars and many more different vehicles.

In the game Bus Simulator Indonesia (aka BUSSID) we can Design your own livery on our Favourite Bus or Truck. also this game has clean and Very easy and intuitive control to play this game easily.

In this game we got Normal Indonesian cities and places but we can add our favourite City and Places with help of Mods (modification).

Bus simulator indonesia has Different types of Indonesian Buses and Cool and fun honks and also while driving many place crowd of childrens says in loud “Om Telolet Om” which means Uncle, honk your horn, uncle!

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